Talent Development

Talent Development We work to develop specialized learning and training programs. Training and development efforts include courses, workshops, certifications, human and technical training, high school programs, support for undergraduate and postgraduate studies for our employees.

Health and Safety Programs

Promovemos el bienestar físico y emocional de los colaboradores. La empresa proporciona atención médica y cuenta con varios programas. Éste comprende actividades de medicina preventiva y medicina del trabajo.


We promote quality of life and development for our employees and their families. We organize religious, sports, social, and cultural activities. We run a program including different sports that allow healthy interaction and improvement of the employees’ physical health.

Volunteering activities

Employees participate in various activities, contributing to the environment, social work, or emergency response to natural disasters.

IGSS Certified Health Care Clinic

Certified in November 2017 as a Company Clinic of IGSS, Ingenio La Unión is the first agribusiness to successfully accredit its own health care clinic, which provides health care services for its employees.


Asociación Solidarista de Trabajadores de Ingenio La Unión (workers’ association) provides access to credit, high yield savings mechanisms, and additional benefits.
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