The Ministry of Labor, as part of the International Day of Women, through Ministerial Accord 124-2004, created the Work Excellence Award for working women in the agricultural, commercial, industrial, services, agribusiness, and government sectors.

Felipa Bocel Ya
Sugar cane harvester
2016 award recipient, for outstanding performance and productivity as a sugar cane harvester.

Zulma Hernández
Sugar cane exchange coordinator
2017 award recipient, for her outstanding performance and productivity, and for being an outstanding employee.

Lorena Beatriz Godínez Escobar
Principal of Centro Educativo Ingenio la Unión
2018 award recipient for her contribution to the education of Guatemalan children and Ingenio La Unión employees.

Sandra Lorena Marroquín Pedroza
Community Outreach
and Corporate Social Responsibility Project Coordinator
2019 award recipient for her contribution and management of continuous improvement of agribusiness through the creation of genuine relations with the community.

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