This award is granted by Instituto Técnico de Capacitación y Productividad – INTECAP – and seeks to recognize legal entities, corporations and national companies that show dedication, responsibility, innovation, excellence in service, and continuous improvement.

Nominees: Oreplast, S.A., Biotrash, The Atitlan Tea & Company, S.A., Ingenio La Unión, Ingenio Magdalena, Ninoshka, S.A., La Paleta, Grupo Solid, Aseguradora Confío, S.A., Qualicons, S.A., Samboro, S.A., Sur Desarrollos and Grupo Startex.

María Renée Cruz, head of Marketing and Communications at INTECAP, expressed that the nominees have demonstrated through actions in their target market, their focus on productivity and competitiveness, while caring for their corporate image, trajectory, and interventions. Ingenio La Union takes pride in having been selected among 12 nominated companies for the Ricardo Castillo Sinibaldi Productivity and Competitiveness Award.

Our commitment to excellence, and most of all, our vision of being the leaders in the sugar cane, sugar, and energy industry, makes us one of the most important agribusiness companies in the region. We create added value for our shareholders, employees, clients, and the communities we interact with, contributing to our country’s development.

We are grateful to the people that make up the Ingenio La Unión family, who with their work ethic, dedication and commitment contribute to create a great organization.

We congratulate all other nominees and encourage them to continue working hard so that we all contribute to the well-being of Guatemalans. We especially acknowledge the work of INTECAP, who plays a key role in capacity development of people and we thank the organizers who make this recognition possible, inspiring and motivating companies towards excellence.

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