Ingenio La Unión is the second breast-feeding friendly company in the country, certified by UNICEF, which promotes breast feeding as a right of working mothers during the nursing period. Ingenio La Unión is aware of the importance of breast milk as a basic component of nutrition that stimulates infant growth and helps them prevent disease, as well as an economic benefit for the family of working mothers, who are an essential part of our production process. We accommodated a special private and comfortable area that allows mothers to extract their own breast milk and preserve it during the work day. We provided them with breast milk transportation kits, so they can adequately and safely carry it home at the end of the work day.

This initiative started with the support of CENTRARSE. The certification itself took two years, entailing the integration of a work team to lead the project and provide follow up, the implementation of the breast milk extraction area, and continuous support to working mothers, as well as the creation and dissemination of policies, training for staff and working mothers, the authorization of regulations according to the law, and facilitating and strengthening knowledge on early stimulation for infants. We kindly invite other companies to be part of this high impact initiative in favor of Guatemalan infants.

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